PHOTO: Members of the Okakarara VTC Netball Team showing off their medals!

The Okakarara Vocational Training Centre were crowned overall champions after scooping gold in both the Ladies Soccer and Ladies Volleyball codes at the 2015 VTC Games, which took place at the Romanus Kampungu School Stadium at Rundu in Kavango-East in mid-August.

Valombola VTC took second place while Zambezi VTC finished third overall. Hosts, Rundu VTC disappointed in front of their home crowd and only managed gold in the Netball code. Zambezi VTC won gold in the Men’s Volleyball code, Zambezi VTC, while Valombola VTC finished in second place. Windhoek VTC scooped up the bronze medals in the category. Valombola VTC were crowned champions in the Men’s Soccer code, with Eenhana VTC and Okakarara VTC finishing second and third, respectively. Eenhana VTC also took second place in the Ladies Soccer category, while hosts Rundu VTC came third.

Spectators turned out in good numbers to support their teams and were wowed by the performance of soccer player, Caroline Kaitjizemine from Okakarara VTC who scored eight goals over the course of the tournament. Local scouts also predicted a bright future for the Rundu local, Mangundu Kutesa who played his heart out and finished the tournament with four goals to his name. Teams competed on a round-robin basis in all codes, with the top two teams in each code contesting the finals. The games took place under the theme, ‘Sport Adds to Healthy Lifestyles’ and were aimed at encouraging all technical and vocational institutions to incorporate sports into education. Teams from the National Youth Service (NYS) joined the seven VTCs under the NTA’s supervision at this year’s event.

The Chairperson of the VTC Sports Union, Kosmas Petrus told The Stakeholder that the tournament was a huge success. “We appreciate the support of the NTA. With the continued support, sport at our VTCs can only grow from strength to strength”, he said. However, he encouraged the private sector to join in and to consider requests to sponsor the event favourably. “Our requests for sponsorships seem to have fallen on deaf ears up to this point, but we remain confident that we will soon be able to sign up a big sponsor who will be willing to invest in this annual event and to support the VTC Sport Union in steering sport at our centres to greater heights”, he added.

Petrus also thanked the hosts, Rundu VTC, under the leadership of Centre Manager, Erkki Tjandja for the excellent work in hosting the event. “The people from Rundu and Kavango-East received us well. We thank them for their support and hospitality”, Petrus noted.

The VTC Sport Union is to consider proposals from the various VTCs at its next meeting and will then take a decision as to who the hosts for next year’s competition would be. Windhoek VTC hosted the event last year, while Okakarara VTC played hosts in 2014.

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